Recruit, and help save lives

The Refer Friends and Family Program allows for donors and non-donors alike to have an opportunity to champion our cause with an alternate way to recruit first-time donors.

In an effort to grow our donor population we have developed the Ambassador program for YOU. This program will enable you to share your life-saving efforts with friends and family members.

  1. Think of your friends and family members. Are any of them likely blood donors?
  2. Call and ask them to join you in saving lives through blood donation. You may wish to accompany them on their first donation.
  3. Fill out our online tracking form below with your name and phone number, and the names and numbers of the potential donors who have given their approval to receive a call from The Blood Alliance.

The Blood Alliance will call the potential donors and schedule appointments to donate. After 4 of your referrals have donated for the first time, you will receive a stylish TBA polo shirt.*

*A first time donor is defined as a person that has never donated blood, or has not donated with TBA in over 12 months. Call 888-99-TBA-HERO for more information.