• O+
    2 days
  • O-
    1 days
  • A+
    2 days
  • A-
    2 days
  • B+
    2 days
  • B-
    2 days
  • AB+
    16 days
  • AB-
    5 days
Current Supply as of March 05, 2015
  • one hour one pint — 3 lives
    Everyone is busy today. We understand hectic schedules. But, did you know it only takes one hour to donate one pint of blood. One hour to make a difference.
  • every 2 sec someone needs it
    An accident, a crash, a simple medical procedure with unforeseen complications. Every 2 seconds someone in this country needs blood.
  • if you give 3 pints in a year we would never have a shortage
    If everyone donated 3 pints per year we would never have a blood supply shortage.
  • in honor or memory of someone
    We all have someone in our life that has made an impression or a difference. Honor them here. Donate in their memory or honor.
  • contribute to the mission of saving lives
    No one can manufacture blood and we depend on our donors to help us save lives but we cannot do anything we do without the help of monetary donations. Contribute to our daily operations and help to keep our goal a reality.
  • yes, tax deductible
    The Blood Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)3 and all monetary donations can be reported on your taxes as tax deductible.

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